Bring Chant Your Heart Open to your yoga studio, community center, or home.


Host a day, evening or weekend ...

1) Concert / Kirtan 

    Chant Your Heart Open! 

                       (solo or with accompaniment)


Chant Your Heart Open is for everyone.


A concert/kirtan gathering includes songs, chants, and rituals to open your heart and enliven your spirit.


It's a beautiful offering for your friends and family. Add a pot luck perhaps?

What do you need?

A room that holds, at least, 10 people on chairs, couches, pillows.


Small sound system is good but not necessary. If locally around Vancouver, B.C., I will provide a sound system.


Tickets should be about $30 - $40.

Send proposals to


Include where/when/description/sound system/capacity/photo.



2) Kundalini Yoga Workshop


           Open Your Voice. Open Your Life


Kundalini Yoga unleashes creative potential through rhythmic movements, breathwork, meditations and mantras to enable living fully in a way that is happy, healthy and harmonious.

It is a powerful way of connecting with the Divine, and can help reach a deep state of bliss.


Join this 2-hour journey to deepen your relationship with your voice.

Chanting mantra combined with Kundalini Yoga, we learn to open the voice and release blocks.






                Chant Your Heart Open For KIDs!


Chant Your Heart Open for KIDs! is a 1-hour nourishing sound experience of uplifting songs and melodic mantras. Of course, movement, imagination and lots of fun are included in Chant Your Heart Open for KIDs!


"I've made it my mission, to help children and adults see their beautiful worth and touch their inner divine selves."






4) Private Kundalini Yoga class


  Yoga class in your home or via Skype or Facetime 


Kundalini Yoga is described as the "yoga of awareness".


Kundalini Yoga combines exercises that focus on building strength and increasing flexibility along with powerful breathing techniques, mantras and meditations.


Previous yoga experience is not needed and results are felt immediately.


Kundalini Yoga is helpful for the muscles, spine, nerves, glands, and organs, promoting positive body chemistry, reducing stress and tension, and creating an overall sense of health and well-being.


The ultimate goal of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken the Kundalini, the creative, life-force energy stored at the base of the spine. Upon activation, energy rises up the spine, opens the chakras and connects us to our higher selves. To complete the circle, we bring this heightened awareness into our everyday lives.


Kundalini Yoga originated in Northern India and has existed for thousands of years.

Photo by Michael J. Berz