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                              I Bow / Ra Ma Da Sa



                              Aad Guray Nameh



                              Holy Longing / Sat Nam



                               This Life / Hu Satya Naam 



Her music brought tears to my eyes as I experienced my heart opening with the chants.

Such a free spirit who lives and breathes her own song to the Beloved.

~ Maria Dutra, Winnipeg

"Chant Your Heart Open is absolutely breathtaking.
Thank you for your gift of music, for the songs that radiate life into this world.
I cannot wait to share this with my yoga classes!"
 ~ Sufey Chen, Vancouver

"I love Chant Your Heart Open so much. We listen to it all the time. Literally.
The more I listen, the more I fall in love with the melodies, lyrics and overall feeling that it gives me.
Thank you so much for your beautiful creation."
~ Wahido Marata, Portugal

A Celtic feel and an inspiring addition to your devotional music collection is Jai Gopal's (Wendy DeMos) chant CD Chant Your Heart Open

This collection of chants is a soulful musical journey featuring traditional Kundalini mantra plus songs with English lyrics. It is a beautiful blend of meditative chant, inspiring melody, and inspirational song.

For a twist, the well-known mantra "Ra Ma Da Sa" even includes beatbox!

Jai Gopal's sweet spirit is accompanied by some of the most talented musicians working in the genre today including Nirinjan Kaur's hauntingly beautiful harmonies and multi-instrumentalist Zoran Todorovic of Snatam Kaur's best selling CD, Grace.

Just right for a yoga class, relaxation, or traveling around the world.

This is a journey you won't want to miss.

~ White Swan Records