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Let Wendy and Juanpi join your

in-person gathering

or create an online party!

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    Chant Your Heart Open! 


A Chant Your Heart Open gathering includes

songs and chants to open your heart and enliven your spirit.

We view music as a healing art form and 

an opportunity to bless each other.


Because of the intimacy it affords,

we especially love performing at house concerts.


It's a beautiful offering for your friends and family.

What do you need?

A room that holds at least 10 people on chairs, couches, and pillows.

Tickets should be about $30 - $40.

To arrange, contact



   Kundalini Yoga Workshop

      Open Your Voice. Open Your Life



Kundalini Yoga unleashes creative potential through

rhythmic movements, breathwork,

meditations and mantras.

It is a powerful way to connect with your

own beautiful body and can help you

reach a deep state of bliss.


Join this 2-hour journey with Wendy to

deepen your relationship with your voice.

Chanting mantra combined with Kundalini Yoga,

we learn to open the voice and release blocks.





  Chant Your Heart Open For KIDs!


Chant Your Heart Open for KIDs! is a

1-hour sound experience of uplifting songs and melodic mantras.


Of course, movement, imagination, and lots of fun

are included in Chant Your Heart Open for KIDs!


"I've made it my mission, to help children and adults

see their beautiful worth.
says Wendy.

"And have fun doing it!"




 Yoga Class In Your Home

      or via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime 


Kundalini Yoga combines exercises that focus on

building strength and increasing flexibility

along with powerful breathing techniques,

mantras and meditations.


Previous yoga experience is not needed and

results are felt immediately.


Kundalini Yoga is helpful for the muscles, spine,

nerves, glands, and organs,

promoting positive body chemistry,

reducing stress and tension, and

creating an overall sense of health and well-being.


The ultimate goal of Kundalini Yoga is to

awaken the Kundalini, the creative, life-force energy

stored at the base of the spine.

Upon activation, energy rises up the spine, opens the chakras

and connects us to our higher selves.

To complete the circle,

we bring this heightened awareness into our everyday lives.


Kundalini Yoga originated in Northern India

and has existed for thousands of years.

Juicy YOU!

Dance Journey

(1.5 hours)

Wendy DeMos is a musician with Chant Your Heart Open and

the creator of the

Sacred Sexual Music Festival

happening in cities and virtually.
With a lifetime of training in tantra, intimacy workshops,

and consciousness

and a BIG believer in embodiment as

the path to living more fully,

I feel led to contribute to healing the

culture of shame and guilt around sexuality and

bring back the awareness of beauty,

respect, and holiness of our beautiful bodies.
The truth is that our life force energy is as innocent as breath.
This Juicy YOU! Dance Journey explores what it looks like when respect and the

honoring of our bodies is a priority.
What if we gave ourselves full permission to be in life with pleasure as a guide?
And what gets in the way of that?
Are you ready to step into more awareness? More pleasure? More juicy YOU?
Let’s Begin …

"Juicy You! was my favorite workshop!"

Participant at the 3-day ISTA Festival in Israel 2018

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